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How many people attended the event?
How many members of IDEAL attended the event? What were their roles?
Was the room the proper size for the event? Was the location well received?
Did you have any supplies for the event (handouts, food, etc.)? Did you have enough? How were they received?
Was this event in collaboration with any other student groups, professors, or outside sponsors? If so, who? Please briefly describe your experience with this collaboration. Specifically, were the other parties involved helpful? Was their attendance strong? Did they adhere to the standards set forth by IDEAL?
Please describe below how you felt the event went. Please include what worked and did not work as well as lessons your chapter will take into the future.
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Event Review
Please answer the following questions about the event, indicating whether you Strongly Agree, Agree, Neutral, Disagree, or Strongly Disagree. Answers to the below help us to make better events in the future.
All members of IDEAL had clearly defined roles
Members of IDEAL felt secure in their clearly defined roles, and properly executed their responsibility
Participants in the event were engaged
Participants in the event were receptive to the moderators
The format of the event was successful
If you have any further comments on ways IDEAL events can be improved, please let us know here.
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